Grosse Pointe North Parent's Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What's TMP? 

"Tuesday Means Pizza" at the First English Lutheran Church across from GPN.  Students pay $5 for all you can eat pizza and a drink.  It is a self-sustaining service where the profit is given back to the students in the form of cookies or retro prices ($2 days).  TMP needs volunteers from 10:30am – 12:30pm.  Our volunteers are asked to serve approximately 5 Tuesdays per year. 

GPN has an open campus for lunch.  Your child can go home or out to eat for lunch, but must be back at the end of their lunch period.  Lunch periods are 10:52-11:28 and 11:41-12:17.  

What are PLC Mondays?
PLC Mondays are a shortened day where students start at 8:42 a.m.,  but the teachers report at their regularly scheduled time to participate in PLCs.  PLCs are Professional Learning Communities, where the teachers can work together to provide the best instruction for our children. 

Parent Teacher Conferences 
PTC are twice a year and run for two days.  Typically the lines are shorter on the second day.  As a thank you to our teachers, the Parents Club uses our funds to provide a catered meal.

Sick/Absent Student

If your child is ill, you must call the GPN attendance line 313 432-3201.  If you do not call, you will get a automated phone call or email letting you know your child was not in class, and your child will be marked with an "unexcused absence."  If your child becomes sick during the day, or needs to leave early for an appointment, you must also call the attendance line.  Your child will need to report to the office, then receive a pass to exit the building.  Parents do not need to come into the building.  

What's Tutorial?  
Tutorials are similar to a "Study Hall," but much more prescriptive.  Teachers and students use this valuable time to assist on assignments or course concepts.  Students and parents can request to have additional support by subject areas.  If you child is having difficulty in Math, he/she can request to visit a tutorial for additional assistance.  Or if he/she continually struggles with a specific subject, parents and students can request from the counselor to be placed into a tutorial  with the needed core teacher for support.  

Library/Media Center
The Library Media Center is open from 7:30-4:00.  Your child can use this facility before/after school and lunch  period without a pass.  During class periods or tutorials, he/she must receive a pass from their classroom teacher.  Computers, printers and internet access are also available in this area.  This is a wonderful source for students that have had technical issues at home to print documents, research information online, type assignments and use needed programs.   

Parking, Pick up/Drop Off​  
Parking in and around GPN is limited.  Please be mindful of no parking, stopping, standing areas-You will get ticketed.  Rather than brave the crowded parking lot, some parents park on the side streets around GPN and have their children walk to them.  

Seniors and Juniors can apply for a $75 parking pass.

How much is admissions for a sporting event?
It is $5, but senior citizens and small children are free.  We recommend getting the Athletic Booster Club Pass, it is a great value and proceeds go to the GPN Booster Club. 

Homecoming Week
What should my child wear to the dance?
Typically most boys wear suit or a sport coat.  All the boys must wear neck or bow ties. 
The girls wear dresses.  If you are unsure if you daughters dress is appropriate. Take a picture of her dress (before you buy it) and get approval from one of the principals.
Dance tickets on sale during lunch the Monday before the dance.  The cost is $15/$20

How can I chaperone?
Yes, we need about 10 chaperones per grade level.  Sign up sheets were available during online registration and at parent meetings in September.  If you are still interested, contact your class advisers or parent representatives.  

How can I help with the Homecoming Float?
Most classes would love to have you donate your time to build the float.  Each class has a family that hosts the float building site.  If you are unable to help, please consider donating snacks, pop, water, cookies, toilet paper, paper towel, Band-Aids...

Where and when is the parade?
The Friday of the football game, the parade starts at 5:30 at Monteith Elementary and travels down Cook Rd to Morningside, then onto the football field.

Do parents go to the pep rally?
Yes, we have about 50-100 parents that attend each year.